Innovative Ultrasonics specializes in process development, engineering design, installation and equipment in the area of high-powered ultrasonics for new and existing industrial applications.

2,000 Watt Industrial Ultrasound Unit

2,000 Watt Laboratory Ultrasound Unit

Despite the enormous power of the 2,000 watt ultrasonic processor, the device does not need any additional water or compressed air cooling. The device works continuously in air. The robust design of the transducer, made of stainless steel and titanium, enables use under extreme conditions of dust, dirt, higher temperatures and humidity.

Depending to the operating conditions the generator is located in a housing or in a cabinet equipped with control displays and electrical interfaces.

Important applications for the device are the intensive cleaning of continuous material such as wires, tapes and profiles, of single components or bigger bores. Sonotrodes are chosen to match to the application.

The treatment of sewage sludge for a better gas yield, the production of very fine emulsions and suspensions, the extracting and homogenizing as well as the reducing of germs are applications with this device in large scale. Corresponding sonotrodes e.g. the cascade sonotrode provide the required intensity of ultrasonic treatment of the liquid. Corresponding flow cells are offered for continuous operation. Sound protection casings complete the ultrasonic system.