Innovative Ultrasonics is a leading supplier of laboratory and commercial scale high power ultrasound equipment for the food and bevearge, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, water / waste treatment and other industries.


Innovative Ultrasonics is a company specializing in process development, engineering design, installation and equipment in the area of high-powered ultrasonics for new and existing industrial applications.

Its founder has a PhD in the application of high-powered ultrasound in industrial applications and is at the forefront of the ultrasonics industry on a global basis. Working with clients around the world on a consultancy basis, and in touch with the latest advancements in the ultrasonic equipment market, Innovative Ultrasonics is a highly experienced company in the application of power ultrasound from research and development stages, through pilot trials to full scale operation at commercial level. Innovative Ultrasonics has developed a successful business and reputation with companies, government research institutions and academic universities around the world for the development and commercialization of power ultrasound in industries such as chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, minerals, plastics/polymer, water and waste effluent/sludge treatment and food processing.

The founder of Innovative Ultrasonics gained his PhD in sonochemistry and industrial ultrasonic processing at Coventry University, UK and completed one-year post-doctoral research at the university before establishing his original consultancy business in the UK. Innovative Ultrasonics grew to be a highly successful international business, advising on the application of high power ultrasound to new and existing processes from initial evaluation, research and development to full scale-up for production.

Innovative Ultrasonics has developed close contacts with ultrasonic companies worldwide and a thorough knowledge of the ultrasonics equipment market, both from a commercial and technical perspective. With his experience of the application of ultrasound in a wide range of industrial processes, he is uniquely qualified to apply high-powered ultrasound on an industrial scale needing only the impetus and investment within industry itself.