Innovative Ultrasonics specializes in process development, engineering design, installation and equipment in the area of high-powered ultrasonics for new and existing industrial applications.

50 and 100 Watt Compact Laboratory Ultrasound Units

50 and 100 Watt Compact Laboratory Ultrasound Units

The 50 & 100 watt processors are the smallest laboratory devices available. They are particularly useful in medical, biological or chemical laboratories, for sonication of small volumes. They are typically used in the analytical applications such as the disruption of tissues, the cracking of bacteria or the homogenizing of samples in the food industry.

The devices are designed for manual operation with its lightweight 800g however; they can also be operated with stand.

The generator and transducer are combined in one unit with a single power supply cord. For volume samples from 10ml up to 250ml we offer various replaceable sonotrodes with diameters from 0.5 to 7mm. By using a 10mm sonotrode the field of applications expands to volumes of up to 500ml. Stainless steel and glass flow cells are also available and timers or our PC control are part of our standard program.

The 100 Watt device is ideal for applications for very small to medium-sized samples such as samples for the homogenizing of soil or waste water, emulsifying, de-agglomerating, degassing or the cleaning of small bores. It is very useful for preparation of emulsions, creams & lotions. It can also pulverize powders. For continuous operation, a flow cell and 7mm sonotrode are required. Continuous processes can be simulated at small scale. The optional PC-control can be added, if a test record is necessary or to optimize processes.