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200 Watt Laboratory Ultrasound Unit

200 Watt Laboratory Ultrasound Unit

The 200 watt is the most powerful hand held device. It can be mounted to a stand if required. The exceptionally design earned the "International Designer Award" by the iF (Industry Forum Design Hannover).

The unitís 100 watts of power can be used on sample volumes from 0.1 to 1000ml using sonotrodes of 1 to 40mm diameter.

Like the other laboratory devices, this unit can be used for the indirect sonication of samples with the sonotrode immersed into a sonication beaker, transmitting the oscillations in distill ed water, to be reflected to a titanium cone and then transmitted to the test tubes with the sample.

We offer a comprehensive range of flow cells, stand, sound protection box, timer and PC- control.