Innovative Ultrasonics specializes in process development, engineering design, installation and equipment in the area of high-powered ultrasonics for new and existing industrial applications.

16,000 Watt Industrial Ultrasound Unit

16,000 Watt Industrial Ultrasound Units

The 16,000 watt device is the by far most powerful ultrasonic processor world-wide providing a continuous power of 16,000 watts at an efficiency of more than 80%.

While our UIP4,000 and our UIP10,000 are still unchallenged we step forward to serve the market with an unique industrial ultrasonic processor. The development of such powerful systems results from the demand for the ultrasonic treatment of liquids in large scale. Whether emulsifying oil in water, disintegrating sewage sludge, de-agglomerating or reducing germs, the needed ultrasound power usually raises proportionally to the liquid, which is to be treated in a certain time.

It is more cost-effective to compose a large ultrasonic system for example a system of 80kW with a flow rate of ten cubic metres per hour of 5 ultrasonic processors with a power of 16kW each as with 40 ultrasonic processors with a power of 2kW each.

The robust design of the transducer allows the use under heavy duty industrial conditions. The generator as the transducer and the flow cell are housed in two connected compact stainless steel cabinets. This makes the UIP16,000 a self contained, robust and easy to install equipment. The standard footprint of such a 16kW system is just 600mmx1200mm.

If required, the generator cabinet can be located remotely to a maximum distance of 10m from the transducer with the flow cell.

The system is equipped with an independent cooling system that completely avoids the contact between aggressive air or dust in the production site and the electric components of the ultrasonic processor. The operation of the ultrasonic processor can be controlled and monitored by means of power meters and status displays as well as remotely via electric interfaces.