Innovative Ultrasonics specializes in process development, engineering design, installation and equipment in the area of high-powered ultrasonics for new and existing industrial applications.

1,000 Watt Industrial Ultrasound Units

1,000 Watt Industrial Ultrasound Units

The 1,000 watt ultrasonic processor is the powerful link between laboratory testing and the industrial processing of liquids. It combines the flexibility required in the research and development of ultrasonic liquid processes with an outstanding performance in heavy-duty operation.

This device is commonly used for lab scale feasibility testing, process optimization, and process demonstration for ultrasonic liquid processes, e.g. homogenizing, dispersing, disintegrating, enzyme inactivation and degassing. As it is full industrial grade, it is also the device of choice for continuous small scale production (e.g. 100L/hr). Its flexibility results from an extensive list of accessories, such as sonotrodes, boosters and flow cells.

In combination with a sonotrode and the stand, liquid formulations in sample beakers can be tested for their response to sonication. When used with a flow cell larger samples can run in re–circulation to establish the correlation between parameters, such as amplitude, pressure and liquid composition , and the process results and efficiency. The preferred configuration can be used to run continuously (24h/7d) under production conditions.

Using only one device for lab testing, bench-top optimization and process demonstration saves time and is more cost effective. In addition to that, this single unit covers the widest range of possible ultrasonic configurations, e.g. in terms of amplitude and pressure. The standard accessories allow for:
> amplitudes of up to 170 micron
> pressures of up to 10 bars
> flow rates of up to 10L/min(depending on the process)
> temperatures of up to 80 deg C (other temperatures on request)
> viscosity of up to 100.000cP

The range of configurations creates intense cavitation effects providing versatility for use in:
> nanomaterials
> paint & ink
> coatings
> food & beverage
> pharmaceutics and cosmetics
> chemical processes
> Sonochemistry
> Petrochemistry
> biological processes

The adaptability is particularly beneficial for interdisciplinary R&D. Hence, many universities use this device for research in the field of ultrasonics. The PC-Control (optional software interface) also facilitates the recording of the individual trials. Built for commercial production, this device requires little maintenance, is easy to setup and simple to clean and to sanitize. All items are available in food-grade, too. The transducer is dustproof to withstand demanding environments. To facilitate the operation, the device automatically scans for the optimal resonance frequency to compensate frequency shifting as a result of wear or temperature. The unit is available for 115V~ or 230V~ (single phase) and has proven its solid, durable design in more than thousand installations worldwide where it is being used in everyday production.