Innovative Ultrasonics specializes in process development, engineering design, installation and equipment in the area of high-powered ultrasonics for new and existing industrial applications.

Applications of High Power Ultrasound in the Water, Waste Sludge and Effluent Industry

> Water treatment - Pathogen/Virus reduction - ultrasonic/ultra-violet technology
> Ultrasonic/biocide treatment of water
> RO Membrane cleaning
> De-scaling/Bio-film removal,Anti-fouling
> Equipment cleaning/sterilization
> De-foaming
> Enhanced anaerobic and aerobic treatment
> Enhanced bio-degradation
> Enhanced bio-gas (50% increase)
> Sludge reduction volume (30-40% reduction)
> Enhanced sedimentation/clarification
> Enhanced sludge de-water ability (5-7% solids increase)
> Enhanced flocculation (25% reduction in polymer chemicals)
> Reduction in BOD,COD and Phosphates