Innovative Ultrasonics specializes in process development, engineering design, installation and equipment in the area of high-powered ultrasonics for new and existing industrial applications.

Surface Cleaning

High power ultrasound is effective in the de-contamination of surfaces. When ultrasound is applied near a surface, the inrush of fluid that accompanies cavitational collapse near a surface is non-symmetric, forming a microjet near the surface. This powerful microjet will dislodge dirt and microbes from surfaces, even those not easily reached by conventional cleaning technologies. In addition, ultrasound has the ability to disrupt microbial clumps and also assist the penetration of sanitisers and biocides.

In hatcheries, ultrasonically assisted cleaning is more efficient than other practices for 'clean' eggs, and allows the soil to be removed from 'dirty' eggs to allow the chickens to hatch safely from eggs that would otherwise be discarded.