Innovative Ultrasonics specializes in process development, engineering design, installation and equipment in the area of high-powered ultrasonics for new and existing industrial applications.

Homogenisation and Emulsification Processes

High powered ultrasound can be applied to effectively homogenise water and oil emulsions: relatively low energy input can result in the formation of a stable emulsion with very small, evenly sized droplets. This has been well commercialised in the petrochemical, polymer, chemical, textile, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries and is now being used in-line for food products such as fruit juices, mayonnaise and tomato ketchup at flow rates up to 12,000 L/hr. The mode of action of ultrasonic homogenisation involves the collapse of a cavitation bubble near the surface of the phase boundary between the two immiscible liquids. The energy from the resultant shock wave produces very small, even sized, smooth globules that can then bind together most effectively. Little if any additional emulsifier is required to maintain the stability of the system. For applications such as mayonnaise, an excellent white colour is produced which reflects the small particle size and their even distribution. Frequencies of between 20kHz and 60kHz are generally required for homogenisation.